Strengthening the Albanian Diaspora Entrepreneurships


Date Publish: 
Friday, May 21, 2021

Ms. Luljeta Cobanaj, Diaspora Officer at the Consulate General of the Republic of Albania in Milan and Mr. Besmir Rrjolli, the Focal Point of IOM Albania for Lombardy region, held a meeting with the President of Conflombardia Mr. Giovanni Domenico Monti and the General Secretary Mr. Enrico Bombelli, on 17 May 2021. The meeting was focused on the opportunities of Albanian entrepreneurs in Italy to successfully carry out their business and commercial activities. It was also discussed on the development and consolidation of the set of necessary requirements that are needed by the Diaspora entrepreneurs in Italy.

Training of entrepreneurs, whether they are already in business or in the starting phase, start-ups, or even at the phase of the feasibility studies, will strengthen the economic initiatives promoted by Albanian entrepreneurs in Lombardy and increase their capacities to grow.

Connect Albania mechanism was another topic discussed during the meeting. "Now the Albanian Diaspora members around the world and foreign entrepreneurs, especially in Italy, have an extra tool to approach the Albanian market and invest in key and strategic areas in Albania. Connect Albania engages the Albanian Diaspora as Development Agents to boost direct and indirect investments into Albania. Development Agents will facilitate the Albanian Diaspora and Italian entrepreneurs to penetrate in the Albanian market.”

The meeting was concluded with the commitment to follow up and support the Albanian entrepreneurs who operate in Italy or want to invest in Albania with the tools and synergy to accelerate their full potential.