Job Vacancies

Method of Application:

Candidates with the required qualifications can apply through email by mentioning the reference code of vacancy announcement in the subject line to: with the following documents:

  • Application Letter/Cover Letter
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Personal History Form (PHF) download here

Please ensure that your application is complete with the above mentioned documents. As a general rule, candidates who have not properly submitted their application with required documents will be excluded from consideration.

Current Vacancies

Grade Reference Code Duty Station Closing Date
Consultant - Diaspora Focal Point (DFP) CON 2019/17 Lazio, Italy 10/21/2019
Legal Expert N/A CON 2019/15 Tirana 09/12/2019
International Consultant Project Development - Extension n/a CON 2019-06 Tirana 08/27/2019
International Consultant Fundraising - Extension n/a CON 2019-05 Tirana 08/27/2019
CVAC Client Service Assistant Ungraded VN 2019-08 Tirana 08/20/2019
Consultant - Diaspora Focal Point (DFP) Emilia-Romagna, Italy n/a CON 2019/09 Emilia-Romagna, Italy 08/05/2019
Information and Media Coordinator GS5 VN 2019/07 Tirana 07/29/2019
Local Consultant Fundraising n/a CON 2019/08 Tirana 07/29/2019
Local Consultant Project Development n/a CON 2019/07 Tirana 07/29/2019
Consultant - Diaspora Fellowship at Albanian General Consulate in Bari, Italy n/a CON 2019/04 Albanian General Consulate in Bari, Italy 07/15/2019