IOM Albania Celebrates 30 Years of Remarkable Achievements through Migrants Voices

18 December, Tirana, Albania – The International Organization for Migration (IOM) marked its 30th Anniversary in Albania with an event that brought together distinguished representatives from government, EU, United Nations agencies, diplomatic missions, international partners, civil society, academia, private sector, and migrant communities. The event not only celebrated three decades of IOM's remarkable achievements in Albania but also honoured International Migrants Day and National Diaspora Day. 

“Our collective actions today will help us to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow and I am proud to see that in Albania these collective actions have been materialized through utilizing migration as a tool to enhance the well-being of individuals and society”, stated Mr. Manfred Profazi, IOM Regional Director for South-Eastern Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, while greeting more than 150 guests through a video message. He extended congratulations to the Government of Albania for its constructive focus on migration issues in pursuit of Albania’s path to EU Accession.

The Minister of Interior, Mr. Taulant Balla, who leads the main Government institution responsible for migration governance and a key interlocutor of IOM, announced the finalization phase of the National Strategy for Migration (2024-2030) and the Action Plan (2024-2026), developed with IOM technical and financial support and in line with the Global Compact on Migration.

“The materialization of the new Strategy will help to advance the governance and management of migration as a comprehensive issue, at all levels of government and society”, he said, adding that it will particularly help within the context of continued alignment with the standards and requirements of accession to the European Union.  
Through an engaging painting exhibition by Mr. Helidon Haliti under the sounds of Shkodra Electronic and a Migrants Talk panel of successful living stories of diaspora, returned migrant, and the example of a foreigner fully integrated into Albanian life, IOM showcased the impactful role of people on the move as drivers for development in both origin and destination countries.

Closing the event, Ms. Alma Jani, Head of IOM Mission in Albania, ensured IOM’s commitment to supporting Albania’s migration governance and management efforts, while highlighting the importance of cooperation with migrant communities - “Behind every policy there are real people, with real hopes and dreams. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that the principles of human rights and dignity are fully respected.”


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