Info Day Meeting on Albanian Diaspora Engagement

Info Day Meeting on Albanian Diaspora Engagement

On December 21st, 2019, IOM Albania Diaspora Programme Fellow in Albanian Embassy in Rome, Mr. Gjergji Kajana, and Focal Point in Lazio region, Ms. Bruna Moçka, held an Info Day Meeting in Rome to promote the Programme, as well as exchange ideas and best practices on Albanian diaspora engagement in Albania’s socio-economic development. 

The meeting was attended by the representative of the Albanian Embassy in Rome, the Albanian Lawyers Association in Italy, journalists, artists and other Albanian Diaspora activists operating in various fields.

During such event it was pointed out the necessity of establishing a stronger network among the Albanian diaspora members, based on some of the best practices in other countries composed by a large diaspora community. The representatives highlighted the diaspora engagement as an important factor to create jobs and economic growth in the country of origin.

A larger informative meeting on the IOM Albanian Diaspora Programme, especially focused on the economic component “Connect Albania”, will be organized in Rome in the following months.

The Programme 'Engage the Albanian Diaspora to the Social and Economic Development of Albania' is implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Albania, the UN Migration Agency, with funding from the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) in coordination with the Albanian State Minister for Diaspora, Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance and Economy through Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA).