Front liners and criminal justice practitioners trained on countering the smuggling of migrants and trafficking in human beings

Korca, 8-9 June 2023 – Albanian front liners and criminal justice practitioners who deal with countering Trafficking in Human Beings (THB) and Migrant Smuggling (SOM) gathered for a two-day workshop in Korca. 

Active participation and open discussions between esteemed experts from organizations including the National Bureau of Investigation, Special Prosecution Office, and several policies agencies, focused on investigation techniques and detection indicators of SOM and THB especially their association with organized criminal groups, with the aim to: 

  • Organize investigation within law enforcement agencies and judicial authorities, legal frameworks & investigation techniques. 
  • Implement victim-centered approaches and victim-witness protection measures during investigation, prosecution, & court proceedings
  • Enhance multi-agency cooperation and coordination in investigating and prosecuting THB and SOM.

IOM supports a broad range of activities, including capacity building and operational support, to assist law enforcement agencies in enhancing their ability to detect and investigate these crimes while safeguarding victims and vulnerable individuals. This initiative is implemented by IOM in the framework of the #WBJAST project - Joint Actions Against Smuggling of Migrants and Trafficking in Human Beings, financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

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