Albania Diaspora community the best bridge builders for the economic growth of Albania


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Friday, October 25, 2019
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Milan, October 21, 2019: IOM Diaspora Programme fellowships scheme is making possible the engagement of Albanian high skilled diaspora members in Italy to support the Albanian institutions there, such as Albanian Embassy in Rome and General Consulates in Milan and Bari. Fellows are establishing and maintaining regular communication with the network of business associations, chambers of commerce and other relevant local and regional institutions in Italy, as well as Albanian associations in Italy, in the context of economic diplomacy and diaspora engagement mainly aims of facilitating the exchange of information.

Mr. Ledion Zotaj, IOM Diaspora Programme fellow at General Consulate of Milan, participated at the East Europe Confindustria Meeting which was held in Milan, Italy, at the Assolombarda headquarters (Via Chiaravalle, 19) on Monday, October 21, 2019.  The event was attended by high business representatives:  Mr. Luca Serena, the President of East Europe Confindustria, Mr. Rocco Ferri, the General Manager of East Europe Confindustria, Mr. Alessandro Paoli, Head of the Unicredit International Center, Italy, Ms. Leziana Beltoja, the representative of General Consulate of Albania in Milan, Ms. Gerta Bilali, the Director of Confindustria Albania. In the meeting also participated various businesses owners interested in operating in the Balkans and East Europe and representatives of the Consulates of these countries.

The IOM Diaspora Programme, among its various objectives, aims also at facilitating the engagement of Albanian Diaspora into the development of Albania by supporting investment boosting. These events are a good opportunity to discuss recent trends of Italian investments in Albania and potential barriers. “Diaspora is one of the best bridge builders for the economic growth of the home country,” says Mr. Ledion during the bilateral meetings he had during the event. “This event was a good opportunity to learn more regarding key institutions and facilitating factors that can help Albanian Diaspora members in Italy to invest in Albania.” 

Over 1.4 million Albanians are currently living outside the country (INSTAT), out of which 500, 000 are residents in Italy (Peoplemovin).  At the end of 2018, according to the Union of Italian Chambers of Commerce and Movimrepse, there were 30,021 enterprises established by Albanian immigrants throughout Italy.

The diaspora entails the great potential for Albania’s development and the challenge for the stakeholders is to create an environment that encourages and supports diaspora engagement to the development of the home country. The objective of the IOM Diaspora Programme is to contribute to enhancing the engagement of Albanian diaspora to the development of Albania.

The Programme 'Engage the Albanian Diaspora to the Social and Economic Development of Albania' is implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Albania, the UN Agency on Migration, with funding from the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) in coordination with the Albanian State Minister for Diaspora, Albanian Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Albanian Ministry of Finance and Economy.