“Albania is YOU!” is a nationwide awareness raising campaign aiming to influence the change of behavior of the groups with high potential to migrate irregularly as well as key “enablers” in Albania. The campaign is raising awareness among Albanian citizens considering irregular migration to Europe on the risks of irregular migration and provides information on existing economic and educational opportunities in Albania as well as regular migration channels.

These actions are amplified through the establishment of an “influencers” network with personal migration experience in 12 regions of Albania, one in the Netherlands and one in Belgium. The influencers are working to sensitize the population through events, social networks, mini-projects, awareness-raising, video messages etc. Through this combined approach, IOM is expanding field activities and ensuring a solid network contributing to the dissemination of the message campaign along with a mass media campaign to be implemented in parallel.

“Albania is YOU!” is implemented as part of the ARISE ALL project, with the financial support of the European Union's Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund, and partners: Migration Office of the Belgian Federal Office for Home Affairs (IO), and the Repatriation and Deportation Service (DT&V) of the Netherlands.