International Organization for Migration

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is the principal intergovernmental organization in the field of migration.

IOM is dedicated to promoting humane and orderly migration for the benefits of all. It does so by providing services and advice to governments and migrants.

IOM has been operationally present in Albania since 1992, becoming one of the main international partners of the Government of Albania, supporting its continuous progress and efforts in migration management in line with Albania’s priorities of EU integration.

IOM in Albania

IOM Worldwide

Development Partners

IOM has been operating in Albania since 1992 supporting the country’s efforts to harness the potential benefits of migration towards national development.

IOM Albania’s main goals are to:

  • Support the full implementation of the country's policy on migration.
  • Seek ways of assisting Albanian migrants whenever possible.

The Organization cooperates with international and local partners and the government of Albania to identify timely and cost-effective ways of meeting migratory challenges in line with the country's EU integration priorities.

As the leading international organization for migration, IOM acts with partners in the international community to:

  • Assist in meeting the growing operational challenges of migration management
  • Advance understanding of migration issues
  • Encourage social and economic development through migration, and
  • Uphold the human dignity and well-being of migrants.

IOM works closely with governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental partners to ensure the orderly and humane management of migration.

IOM plays a key role in supporting partnerships at national, regional, and global levels for better and more effective migration management. 

IOM provides substantive, expert and organizational assistance to governments and other institutions.

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