Latest News on Migration

  • Defending Migrants Rights and Dignity in Albania for 25 Years

    [Versioni shqip me poshtë]

    Tirana – International Migrants Day  (18 December) in Albania was celebrated by a high-level function attended by the country’s President, senior ministers and diplomats, who joined Regional Director Argentina Szabados to mark 25 years of IOM’s presence in the Balkan country.

    President Ilir Meta led over 300 guests at a red-carpet reception in the centre of the capital Tirana, where a new three-year national migration strategy, elaborated with technical assistance from IOM, was launched.

  • Roundtable with Albanian Government Institutions on the legal framework in the field of immigration

    Tirana 5 November 2018: IOM Albania in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior organized today in Tirana a round table with Albanian Government Institutions on the legal framework in the field of immigration and emigration. This workshop is organized under the project "Support the development of a migration policy in Albania", funded by the IOM Development Fund (IDF).

  • New Engagement Opportunities for Albanian Diaspora in Italy

    Albanian diaspora individuals shall have more opportunities to contribute to the socio-economic development of Albania. The programme Engagement of Diaspora to the Social and Economic Development of the Country, is funded by the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development and implemented by IOM, the Migration Agency in Albania, in cooperation with the Albanian Government. It aims, inter alia, to create mechanisms to engage with students, professionals and entrepreneurs, in particular, those from the Albanian diaspora in Italy.

  • António Manuel de Carvalho Ferreira Vitorino zgjidhet Drejtor i Përgjithshëm i IOM

    Shtetet anëtare të IOM, Agjencia e Kombeve të Bashkuara për Migrim, zgjodhën António Manuel de Carvalho Ferreira Vitorino nga Portugalia si Drejtorin e ardhshëm të Organizatës Ndërkombëtare për Migracionin.

  • Engaging the Albanian Diaspora

    With over 1.4 million Albanians living outside the country, mainly in Italy and Greece, but present all over the world, the Albanian diaspora represents a huge and largely untapped opportunity. The challenge is to create an environment that encourages and supports diaspora members to share good practices, experiences and talents to develop their home country.