IOM contributes to the efforts of civil society, central and local authorities in the Western Balkans (WB) to prevent radicalization, recruitment and inspiration of individuals to violent extremist ideologies and groups in coordination with relevant ministries and national coordinators for PVE/CVE), to reinforce and support the implementation of the broader strategies for PVE/CVE and to complement existing and planned actions in the WBs. In Albania IOM coordinates and closely works with the Coordination Centre for Countering Violent Extremism with a formalized cooperation through Memorandum of Understanding signed.

IOM is an active player in the area of reintegration, resocialization and rehabilitation of Returning Foreign Terrorist Fighters (RFTF) and their families from conflict zones. The set of ongoing and planned interventions aim to support the host governments and institutions, receiving communities, and returnees in the complex issues surrounding RFTF returns. The provision of reception and humanitarian assistance to returnees in different countries is an important milestone in IOM’s work in the area of reintegration of RFTF in WB. IOM has supported and participated in an inter-disciplinary coordination group responsible for providing an organized reception and return to the communities of origin.

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