Counter Human Trafficking

IOM promotes concerted efforts among government, civil society and other actors to build an effective integrated system of prevention of trafficking in persons, protection assistance and reintegration of victims of trafficking (VoTs) and unaccompanied minors in Albania. Direct assistance and transfer of know-how are key elements of IOM’s contribution to the country’s counter-trafficking efforts. IOM is committed to supporting the National Strategy for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings, the National Referral Mechanism and international and national standards of assistance to victims of trafficking and their protection. Capacity-building support to the Albanian National Coalition of Anti-Trafficking Shelters will continue in order to strengthen local service delivery to VoTs. In addition, IOM will support the on-going efforts of the civil society to establish local protection mechanisms for vulnerable categories of migrants, such as unaccompanied children.

Our Projects on Counter Human Trafficking

Current projects

Countering Smuggling of Migrants along the Western Balkan Coastal Route

Enhancing capacities and mechanisms to identify and protect vulnerable migrants in the Western Balkans – PHASE III

Completed Projects

Pilot for specific child trafficking and modern slavery support for foster carers to reduce likelihood of trafficked children going missing from care

Enhancing Counter Trafficking in Crisis in the Western Balkans

Contributing to sustainable reintegration of victims of trafficking in Albania

Transnational Action to support victims of trafficking returning to priority countries (TACT) project (May 2015- October 2016)

Strengthening the Fight Against Trafficking in Persons and Migrant Smuggling in the Western Balkans (July 2014- November 2015)

Strengthening Albanian anti-trafficking capacities (October 2009 – March 2013)

Strengthening Albania’s efforts towards an effective and sustainable response to trafficking in persons (October 2012 – September 2014)

Preventing and Addressing Violence against Women and Girls in Albania (July 2014 – December 2015)

Needs Assessment Research The Regional Counter Trafficking Situation in the Western Balkans (September 2013 – September 2014)

Improving the understanding and cooperation in managing irregular migration flows in from and through the Western Balkans

Improved Social Inclusion Policies for Vulnerable categories of Migrants in Albania (April 2014 – November 2015)

Voluntary Return of Irregular Migrants and Victims of Trafficking Stranded in Albania

Promoting safe migration and preventing human trafficking in Albania

Promote the involvement of Albanian TV and Sports stars in the struggle against HIVAIDS

Prevention of Trafficking in Human Beings in the Balkans

Inter-Agency Referral System for Return and Reintegration Assistance to Victims of Trafficking (Completed December 2002)

Expanding and Consolidating Reintegration Assistance to Former Victims of Trafficking in Albania

Combating Trafficking in Human Beings in South East Europe and Balkan Region –Phase IV January 2007- December 2008


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