IOM promotes concerted efforts among government, civil society and other actors to build an effective integrated system of prevention of trafficking in persons, protection assistance and reintegration of victims of trafficking (VoTs) and unaccompanied minors in Albania. Direct assistance and transfer of know-how are key elements of IOM’s contribution to the country’s counter-trafficking efforts. IOM as a member of the National Referral Mechanism for the Protection of VoT/PVOTs is committed to supporting the implementation of the National Strategy for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings, the National Referral Mechanism, the achievement of international standards and further improvement of national standards of assistance to VoTs and their protection. Capacity building aims to strengthen local service delivery to VoTs, as well as establish local protection mechanisms for vulnerable categories of migrants, such as unaccompanied children. Continuous contribution to strengthening effective counter-smuggling and counter-human trafficking practices, in line with protection sensitive approaches to assisting VOTs is provided in the Western Balkans. Enhanced regional strategic and operational cooperation, coordination, and technical capacities to identify, investigate and prosecute smuggling of migrants (SOM) and trafficking in human beings (THB), in line with EU and international practices and standards.

Ongoing Projects