Migration Policy, Research and Legislation

Migration Policy

IOM is the leading inter-governmental organization working with migrants and governments to respond to contemporary migration challenges.  Having more than 60 years of worldwide operational experience, IOM is uniquely positioned to build on its grassroots experience and provide guidance on migration policy.  IOM provides information, advice and support to further the efforts of its stakeholders to develop effective national, regional and global migration management policies and strategies.

IOM has supported the Albanian Government to develop and implement the first National Strategy on Migration and its Action Plan (2005 – 2010), through financial and technical support of the European Union. In line with the National Action Plan on Migration, assistance was provided in 2007 to elaborate and implement the National Action Plan on Remittances. In fulfilment of the country’s aspirations to attain visa liberalization, support has been extended to the Government of Albania to formulate the National Strategy on the Reintegration of the Returned Albanian Citizens and its Action Plan. IOM in Albania is currently supporting the Government of Albania’s efforts to develop and implement the new migration governance policy, in line with the Migration Governance Framework (MiGoF).

One of IOM’s strategic priorities in the area of migration policy is to contribute to increased dialogue between migration stakeholders at bilateral, regional and global levels. 

Migration Research

IOM conducts research designed to guide and inform migration policy and practice. The organization provides a unique space for consultation between researchers and policy makers. Research results are disseminated through numerous publications worldwide.

IOM’s research activities encompass several migration management topics, including migration trends and data, international migration law, migration and development, health and migration, counter-trafficking, labour migration, trade, remittances, irregular migration, migrant smuggling, integration, and return migration.

Migration Law

Dissemination and understanding both within IOM and amongst IOM counterparts of the international legal standards that govern migration and provide protection of the rights of individuals involved in migration are key objectives of the organization.

Although there is no comprehensive legal instrument at the international level that establishes a framework for the governance of migration, a set of legal rules constrain, regulate, and channel state authority over migration. Recognition of the rights of migrants and the need for the promotion and protection of these rights in the exercise of state sovereignty has been present in IOM’s constituent documents since the Organization’s foundation.

IOM in Albania continuously supports the improvement of national legislation on migration in several areas. The support for the revision of the Law “On aliens” and the Law “On emigration of Albanian citizens for employment purposes” are examples of such support.

In order to create a common understanding of migration terms, IOM has prepared a "Glossary on Migration, designed for all persons dealing with migration issues at international level. You can access it here 

Our projects

Supporting the Development of a Migration Policy in Albania

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