The Organization supports the government’s efforts to manage labour mobility through technical assistance for the implementation of labour agreements, as well as assessing and advising on the role of labour market actors, with a view on enhancing recruitment standards and migrants’ rights protection. In partnership with the relevant institutions, IOM facilitates the provision of advice, information and referral services to prospective migrants, immigrants and returnees on regular migration for labour and study purposes, on reintegration opportunities in Albania, as well as immigration issues. A national network of Migration Counters (Sportele Migracioni) has been established and strengthened with IOM support since 2005, to increase access to regular migration information, modalities and opportunities.

IOM support includes assessments and studies on the impact of COVID-19 to labour migration dynamics, impact of migration on the available labour resources and the volume and structure of the national labour force and consequent needs for labour force training. Ethical recruitment practices for migrant workers will be promoted in cooperation with the private sector.

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Strengthening Labour Migration Framework in Albania