IOM is a key strategic partner of the national authorities in the development and implementation of policies and strategies in various areas, including comprehensive migration governance policy, as well as sectoral policies such as combatting human trafficking, diaspora engagement, integrated border management, and other migration-related areas. IOM will support whole-of-government coordination and whole-of-society mechanisms that will help government institutions and key stakeholders at the local and national levels to have relevant skills, knowledge, resources, tools, and evidence to develop migration policies and frameworks contributing to good migration governance.


  • Migration Policy - IOM works with migrants and governments to respond to contemporary migration challenges. IOM provides information, advice, and support to further stakeholders’ efforts to develop effective national, regional, and global migration management policies and strategies. IOM supported the development of the National Strategy on Migration Governance and its Action Plan (2019- 2022) and is currently supporting the new Strategy and Action Plan, as well as the development of the National Diaspora Strategy and its Action Plan (2021 - 2025). Strategic support to the government is spread across various areas of engagement and sector strategies, such as counter-trafficking, diaspora engagement, labour migration and integrated border management. 
  • Migration Research - IOM conducts research designed to guide and inform migration policy and practice. The organization provides a unique space for consultation between researchers and policy makers. Research results are disseminated through numerous publications worldwide. IOM's research activities encompass several migration management topics, including migration trends and data, international migration law, migration and development, health and migration, counter-trafficking, labour migration, remittances, irregular migration, migrant smuggling, integration, and return migration.
  • Migration Law - Dissemination and understanding both within IOM and amongst IOM counterparts of the international legal standards that govern migration and provide protection of the rights of individuals involved in migration are key objectives of the organization. Recognition of the rights of migrants and the need for the promotion and protection of these rights in the exercise of state sovereignty has been present in IOM's constituent documents since the Organization's foundation. IOM in Albania continuously supports the improvement of national legislation on migration in several areas.

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