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Migrant Service Centre

The Migrant Service Centre (MSC) in Tirana provided information and migration related services: Assistance to migrants concerning documentation and visa requirements related to working, living, and studying in the 25 EU countries as well as asylum procedures, family reunification according to national legislation and relevant EU norms; assistance to returning migrants as well as third country nationals transiting through Albania through the referral to the return and reintegration programmes; and the organization of workshops, symposiums and seminars. Through these activities MSC Tirana offered information regarding the latest migration development and trends, information on the dangers of irregular migration, information on the different countries legislation on migration; and profiling and data collection of actual and potential migrants. 

MSC Tirana collected a wide range of data from its users through questionnaires and undertook extensive profiling in order to ascertain the propensity to migration – from age level and type of skills and qualifications of migrants, socio-economical background, and previous migration experience.

This Centre, part of a regional project in the Western Balkans, aimed at promoting closer collaboration between countries of the region and closer integration with relevant EU policies in order to contribute to orderly migration management in the region.

The Tirana Migrant Service Centre has been in existence since 2002.  At the moment, MSC is closed, but its activities will be carried out by the National Employment Service with the support of IOM.