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Enhancing the Impact of Migrant Remittances in Albania: Creating an Integrated Migrant Remittance System


The project aims to strengthen the institutional and technical capabilities of the Albanian government, international organizations, non-government agencies, and local government offices in order to enhance the economic, social and political impact of labour migrant’s remittances.


The project will have five main components:
a) The creation of an Interagency Working Group to formulate and implement policy options on remittance management;
b) Strengthening of communication capacity of Albanian Embassies and Consulates with Albanian migrant associations in Italy and Greece to provide information to Diaspora on investment opportunities in Albania;
c) Implementation of a public information campaign, aimed at the Albanian Diaspora, promoting formal remittance transfer channels as well as opportunities for investment in Albania;
d) Elaboration of recommendations to promote the use of remittances for income generating activities leading to local economic development;
e) A Conference on Migration, Remittances in Albania, and the Transition to Market Economy.

Project outcomes:
- Interagency Working Group created and policy recommendations highlighted;
- A public information campaign for migrants abroad concerning formal channels for remittances and opportunities for investment in Albania undertaken in Italy and Greece;
- Embassies and Albanian associations in Greece and in Italy strengthened to provide accurate and up to date information concerning investment opportunities in Albania to Albanian migrants residing abroad;
- Set of comprehensive measures formulated at macro, meso and micro level to promote the use of remittances for income generating activities;
- A Conference on Migration, Remittances in Albania, and the Transition to Market Economy undertaken with at least 200 participants;


Policy and decision makers, agencies and entities dealing with migration at central and local level, Albanian migrants and their families, local communities.


Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy, Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bank of Albania, Local Community Groups; NGOs, financial institutions, social partners and International Organizations