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Technical assistance to the Italian Programme “International Labour Mobility” (December 2011 – December 2013)

Project type: Labour migration

Geographical coverage: Albania, Moldova, Ukraine, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Ghana, Bangladesh, China, Philippines, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Peru

Executing agency: International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Beneficiaries: Italian Local Coordination Offices (LCO) in the identified countries; national reference structures (e.g. Employment Services, Job Centres, Recruitment Agencies, etc ...); potential migrant workers
Partner(s): Ministries of Labour, Country Employment Services

Duration: December 2011 – December 2013


The general objective of the project is to contribute to the creation of an integrated system of management for labour migration flows, from selected third countries to Italy; promoting the practical application of the bilateral cooperation agreements, signed between Italy and the selected countries.
The purpose of the project is to facilitate the implementation of the program "International Mobility" of the Italian Ministry of Labour that is administered by Italia Lavoro, in agreement with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The program provides support to the establishment of Local Coordination Offices (LCO) in 10 “countries of interest” for Italy. 
IOM is requested to provide international technical assistance to identification/appointment of qualified operators for the “Coordination Offices” and to strengthen the Offices’ networking capacities. In particular, IOM is requested to facilitate the Offices’ liaison with the government bodies, private recruitment companies and non-government organizations involved in migrant worker recruitment and selection, vocational training and cultural orientation, and matching the labour supply in the country of origin with private sector demand for workers in Italy, in cooperation with Italian agencies/institutions.

IOM assistance aimed at:

- Facilitating the matching of transnational labour supply and demand, through a) the  identification of local private or public agencies that will be able to select the best candidates for the Italian labour market and b) liaison between such agencies and Italian employers;
- Facilitating the recruitment of migrants workers, through the delivery of the necessary pre-consular services, the drafting of contracts and the fulfilment of other bureaucratic requirements;
- Facilitating pre-departure trainings/qualification of migrant candidates, through the identification and liaison with training agencies, that will be able to deliver high quality vocational training and cultural orientation curricula in order to respond to Italian labour market requirements and favour workers’ integration in Italy.