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Fostering Sustainable Reintegration in Albania, the Kosovo province and FYROM, by Reinforcing Local NGO Capacity for Service Provision to Returnees (November 2003 - October 2005)

The overall goal of the project was to facilitate the reintegration of returnees from EU member countries by building the capacity of the local NGOs in Albania, Kosovo province and FYROM to provide them with professional, social and economic guidance in their respective countries/province of origin. One result of the project was the creation of an effective Regional Reintegration Support Network comprised of local and international NGOs, government agencies, and other actors, that can effectively engage in the reintegration of returnees in their countries and province of origin.

The project started in November 2003, and was closed in October 2005. It was funded by the European Commission and co-funded by the British Embassy in Tirana and the Italian Government and implemented by IOM Tirana (managing the project), IOM Skopje, IOM Pristina and IOM Brussels.
The project had four main components: a) Referrals of potential returnees through IOM offices in Western Europe; b) Capacity building of local NGOs to offer social services to returning migrants; c) Reintegration services for returning migrants and d) Public Awareness and Information dissemination activities.