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CARDS Regional programme 2002 / 2003 “Establishment of EU compatible legal, regulatory and institutional frameworks in the fields of asylum, migration and visa matters”.

The overall objective of this project was to support the ongoing process of legal, institutional and administrative reform in the field of migration in the Stabilization and Association process (SAP) countries. The project seeked to contribute to better strategic and technical understanding of EU standards and best practices in the field of asylum, migration and visa. It supported the development of a regional strategy, based upon benchmarks that translate into a set of commonly accepted EU technical standards, practices and principles. It contributed to the development of a detailed national strategy together with the implementation action plan. It enhanced cooperation and networking among beneficiaries and contributed to institution and capacity building. The project included the organization of seminars and conferences involving target groups of high - level officials, civil servants as well as politicians, parliamentarians and middle - high ranking officials. The three Modules of the project were divided between the Module Partners in the following order:

  • 1) Migration Module - under the responsibility of IOM;
  • 2) Asylum Module - under the responsibility of UNHCR;
  • 3) Visa Module- under the responsibility of ICMPD.

High officials of the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Labour Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities and a representative of the Ministry of Integration of Albania, together with their counterparts from Bosnia-Hercegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro and Macedonia participated in the Final Consultation Event of the Migration Module which took place in Vienna, on 29/30th September 2005. In this event the head of each delegation formally signed their respective national model EU Alignment Strategy in the area of migration.