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Prevention of Irregular Migration from Albania to Belgium (April 2015- December 2015)

Project type: Return Assistance to Migrants & Governments (RT)

Geographical coverage: Shkodra region (northwest Albania)

Executing agency: IOM Mission in Albania with the support of IOM Belgium

Beneficiaries: Law Enforcement authorities in Albania, overall population

Partner(s): The Albanian Ministry of Internal Affairs (Office of the National Anti-Trafficking Coordinator, Border and Migration Police); local government units in the district of Shkodra (municipalities and communes), civil society organizations

Duration: April 2015- December 2015

The emigration of Albanians toward the European Union (EU) in the last two decades has been very dynamic, characterized by various typologies of emigration and migrants’ behaviours. After the establishment of the visa liberalization regime between Albania and the EU – Schengen Zone in December 2010, new trends of emigration of Albanian citizens toward the EU emerged. From 2011, the EU member states have faced an increase in the number of asylum claims from Albanian citizens, the majority of whom are believed to be economic migrants and not individuals in need of international protection. The main countries affected by the asylum requests of the Albanian citizens are Germany, Greece, Sweden, France, UK and Belgium. Belgium is one of the EU member states affected by the constant high influx of the asylum requests from the Albanian citizens. Due to the rise in the number of asylum requests as well as irregular migrants from Albania, the Belgian authorities considered to introduce specific measures to discourage the influx of new immigrants from Albania.

An information and awareness raising campaign on prevention of irregular migration from Albania to Belgium will be designed and implemented during 2015. It will ensure a good coverage of the country, with a particular focus on the district of Shkodra.



Alketa Gaxha
Project Coordinator
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