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Promote the Involvement of Albanian TV and Sports Stars in the Struggle Against HIV/AIDS (April 2005 – April 2006)

This project was funded by UNAIDS - Programme Acceleration Funds (PAF) approved by the UN Theme Group on HIV/AIDS, and reflected the objectives of the World AIDS Campaign and the Albanian National Strategy on HIV/AIDS.

According to statistics 70% of HIV/AIDS cases are infected abroad, this is why IOM Albania addressed HIV/AIDS issues, which fall under the mandate of IOM, the only international agency to deal with the entire spectrum of migrant and mobile populations during all phases of mobility. The HIV/AIDS campaign was aimed at awareness raising and fight against its related stigma and discrimination.

The project implementation (April 2005 – April 2006) included the following activities:

Training and sensitisation of media professionals; awareness raising events with Krasta show singers on HIV prevention; broadcasting a video clip on awareness raising events in Albanian high mobility rate cities; involvement of sport and TV stars to express their commitment to the fight against HIV/AIDS and its stigma; broadcasting of radio programmes; installment of a hot line as well as organization “Male & Female” football matches in the occasion of the WAD. The drafting, printing and distribution of Information and Education Campaign materials, pocket size informative cards distributed at border points/tourist sites/countries of departure; airports was done in co-operation with the Health Institute. Italian famous singe Max de Angelis and the sensational Albanian footballer Edvin Murati, who lives abroad, have joined the local artists in their efforts to sensitize the population on HIV/AIDS prevention