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Reintegration Assistance to Albanian Citizens Returned from Italy and Greece


The overall objective of the project is the introduction and the enhancement of the implementation of integrated return management by supporting the return and reintegration of 25 irregular migrants in Greece and Italy, according to the Voluntary Return scheme for the return of Albanian citizens from Greece and Italy to their country of origin.


IOM Tirana implements a subcomponent of the overall VOREALCI project (Voluntary Return of Albanian Citizens from Italy and Greece to their country of origin), which is managed by the Italian agency Veneto Lavoro in conjunction with Agfol (Italy), Olivotti (Italy), Polynoe (Greece) and IOM Tirana as well.

Under this subcomponent, IOM Tirana envisages the provision of reintegration assistance to 25 irregular Albanian migrants willing to voluntarily return from Italy and Greece to their country of origin.

Project Activities
The activities to be performed by IOM in the framework of the VOREALCI project consist of:
1) Liaising with project partners to identify returnees (through written questionnaires), sharing information on their profile insuring confidentiality and privacy requirements, as well as their individual return plans.

2) Contacting beneficiaries after they have returned to Albania, providing initial counselling and assessing the needs for reintegration assistance.

3) Referring beneficiaries to service providers.
Beneficiaries can be supported in one (or more) of the following activities:

  1. Apprenticeship - through job brokering;
  2. Professional training courses;
  3. Education- either at university or further education level;
  4. Salary supplement;
  5. Start up of small-medium enterprises;
  6. Health care (psycho-social support)
  7. Reintegration assistance for children
  8. Community assistance



Albanian migrants returned from Italy and Greece


Overall project manager: Veneto Lavoro, Italy
Other partners in Albania:
National Employment Service, Local NGOs providing reintegration assistance to returned migrants


Reintegration subcomponent for IOM Tirana funded by the EC