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Capacity Building, Information Awareness Raising towards Promoting Orderly Migration in the Western Balkans - AENEAS 2006

Beneficiaries: Migrants and potential Migrants: Communities at large in the target countries and entities; term, the Action could contribute to a decreased number of cases of smuggling and trafficking, as well as a reduction in the number of unfounded asylum claims; Policy makers and other local authorities.

Partnerships: Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, National Employment Service, Foreign Consulates.

Main donor: EC - AENEAS 2006 programme, Governments of Germany and Switzerland


Develop and integrate efficient information, advice and referral services for migrants to assist their informed decision while fostering local capacity and knowledge in the area of labour migration policy and practice.

Description of activities:

Provision of information, advice and referral services to migrants and potential migrants through:
•The establishment of a regional/national network of Migrant Service Centres (MSCs)

The MSCs (Sportele Migracioni) established within the National Employment Services, will receive visitors daily and provide them with individualized assistance and group counselling sessions where appropriate on the reality and risks of irregular migration and possibilities for decent work opportunities in the country and for legal emigration. Country fact sheets will be produced and continuously updated on the opportunities for legal migration to EU Member States, Switzerland, USA and Canada etc.. The MSCs will also offer referral towards reintegration services to returned migrants.
•Capacity Building of local authorities to develop policy and good practices on Labour Migration

The action foresees transfer of know-how and expertise at both regional and national levels. IOM and ILO will organise a Regional Training workshop on labour Migration Management in Tirana for policy-makers and migration managers such as national and regional employment services staff, ministries of labour and social affairs, labour inspectors, NGOs, workers’ and employers’ organisations in all the target countries and academia. National trainings will seek to provide all concerned actors with relevant tools for provision of information on labor migration and return.
•Data gathering, analysis and research

The Regional Employment Offices will provide IOM with the profile of registered clients. Subsequently, data/information on migration potential in the Western Balkans, new migration trends, risks of irregular migration and possibilities for legal migration in view of labour market shortfalls in destination countries will be gathered and processed by a selected team of researches and specialists. A research report on “Legal migration in the Western Balkans: dream or reality” will present analysis and conclusions based on these data.


The project will to contribute to the reduction of irregular migration into, within and from the Western Balkans, including to the EU and Switzerland; the enhancement of the national capacity for labour migration management in the Western Balkans and possibilities for labour migration and strengthened networking and dialogue among target governments and with EU MS and Switzerland on labour migration. Potential and returned migrants will be informed on regular migration opportunities, as well as reintegration services available in the country through the Regional Employment Offices (REOs). REOs staff will acquire new skills on successful provision of these services. Research analysis will highlight new labour migration trends.