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Combating irregular migration in Albania and the wider region-Targeted support to capacity building within the framework of readmission support to Albania (December 2004 – September 2006)

Geographical coverage: Albania

Executing agency: International Organization for Migration

Donor: EC; Hellenic Ministry of Interior

Duration: December 2004 – September 2006


Support delivered to MSC’s/Migration Counters

Employment offices in Durres, Tirana and Vlora introduced strategy for employment of returning migrants according to labour needs

Two main subcomponents were envisaged under this project component: the elaboration of a policy paper devising on how to institutionalize assistance to returned migrants and capacity building of three selected Regional Employment Offices in Tirana, Durres and Vlora in order to best serve to migrants needs. In addition, a Task Force comprising of representatives of Albanian governmental institutions, NGOs working in the field and IOM was established to support the elaboration of the Policy Paper and to advise on capacity building activities. The Task Force met periodically in order to analyse the problem and propose solutions. 

The Policy Paper recapitulated the discussions on the role of employment institutions in the reintegration of returning migrants in Albania and structures actions already undertaken, in order to improve the reintegration and to reinforce the capacity and actions of these institutions. The policy paper (available in English and Albanian) has been distributed to the relevant authorities and is expected to be accompanied by the elaboration of a concrete action plan.

Parallel to the research conducted by the independent consultants on three selected Regional Employment Offices in order to support the elaboration of the Policy Paper, a needs assessment for capacity building of these offices was also undertaken. Based on the results of the assessment, capacity building activities through provision of equipment and training were carried out in three offices.

The needs assessment for capacity building indicated also that specialists of the Service Sector in each Regional Employment Office (REO) had little or no information at all about migration policies in Albania and reintegration services that can be made available to returned migrants. Based on these findings of the assessment, a training module was developed for the regional employment offices. The experiences and best practices coming out of this component will be fed into future policy options for returns and other IOM interventions.