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Promoting regular migration in the Western Balkans through the establishment of the regional Migrant Service Centers providing information and migration related service (December 2004 – June 2006)

The project was implemented in Albania, Kosovo (Serbia and Montenegro), and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia and Montenegro (see MSC – on going projects).

This regional project aimed to promote orderly migration flows and related awareness – raising through the creation of the first regional network of Migrant Service Centers.  These centers provided assistance and guidance to those wishing to migrate to EU 25 as well as to returnees returning to their country of origin.  Information packs on destination countries were prepared for potential migrants.  For the returnees referral services were put into place as to inform the client on the existing programs offering return and reintegration assistance.
Moreover, during the project the Centers collected migration related data in a region as a whole. This Regional Projects started in December 2004 and was closed in June 2006.