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Combating Trafficking in Human Beings in South East Europe and Balkan Region – Phase IV Jan 2007- Dec 2008


Providing direct assistance to victims of trafficking from the Balkans and further strengthening capacities of local NGOs providing direct assistance to victims of trafficking


This regional project builds upon and complements IOM’s past and present activities in the region, continuing to facilitate the orderly, safe and dignified return and reintegration of trafficked persons from/ through/ to Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina (BiH), Bulgaria, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine.  It also provides direct assistance to victims of trafficking from the Balkans coming back from other countries (reintegration) as well as internal victims of trafficking (reintegration).
In Albania, the project specifically aims for full, proper and sustained implementation of the National Referral Mechanism through three components of intervention:
Supporting the National Reception Centre to provide services for Albanian and third country victims.
Supporting consolidation and expansion of the capacities of the institutions and organizations to provide qualified identification, referral and assistance services to victims of trafficking and to generate resources for sustainability of the National Referral Mechanism.
Supporting and enhancing the involvement of the state or non-state social workers in the system of identification of the victims of trafficking and supporting their collaboration and mutual support with law enforcement structures.

The project’s main activities are:

Provision of the voluntary return assistance for foreign victims of trafficking including air and domestic transportation, dignified return packages, communication with the families, reintegration grants and translation services.
Provision of consultancy to the National Reception Centre for Victims of Trafficking for educational, vocational training and legal counselling services to the victims of trafficking.
Provision of vocational training for the victims accommodated in the Centre.
Assessment and development of the capacities of at least 9 state and non state service providers to victims of trafficking in the country, through formal training exchange visits etc.
Provision through nongovernmental organizations of food and sanitary items for the potential victims of trafficking situated in the police identification points.
Provision of complementary support to state social workers present at the identification points


Victims of trafficking and potential victims of trafficking
state and non-state service providers for victims of trafficking


National Coordinator for Antitrafficking
Albanian Responsible Authority
MOLSAEO and state social services
Regional antitrafficking committees
Social service providers working in assistance to victims of trafficking


Swedish Agency For Development (SIDA)