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IOM and MFA meet with Albanian community in the USA

On 18 September 2016, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) organized a meeting with the Albanian Community in Boston, USA. The meeting was organized in cooperation with (and hosted by) the Centre for International Development at Harvard University (

The meeting was held under the auspices of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ditmir Bushati, in the framework of the IOM – MFA project "Harnessing the positive impact of Albanian migration to the development of Albania", funded by the IOM Development Fund. This meeting, after the ones held in Italy and Greece, concluded the cycle of three outreach meetings in some of the countries with the largest concentration of Albanians living abroad.

The proceedings of the meeting focused on the engagement of the Albanian community to participate actively in the development of Albania. In this context was presented the draft of the policy document, developed with the support of national and international experts, line ministries and the contribution of the migrant communities. Discussions focused on concrete development projects and related needs and gaps, specifically focusing on possible investments, support to capacity building and improved image of Albania.

“We wish that our relation to the diaspora remains at the core of our policymaking. For this reason we have collaborated with IOM on the development of a strategy on the engagement of diaspora to the economic development, through science and education, but also through encouraging entrepreneurship.

This document is the result of a series of consultations during the year in the countries with the biggest Albanian communities such as Italy, Greece and USA. The first step towards the implementation of this strategy will be the first Albanian Diaspora Summit which will be held in Tirana in November this year” stated Minister Bushati in the meeting.

An updated on the work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was also presented, aiming to modernize consular infrastructure and provide secure and low cost services to the Albanian citizens wherever they live. In this context the “E-Consulate” application was presented.

After the meeting the participants visited the #ColoursofAlbania photo exhibition in the premises of Harvard University.